Jifan Zhang

I am a Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Wisconsin. My research focuses on both theoretical and applied perspectives of Machine Learning. I work on active learning and deep learning problems with Robert D. Nowak. In addition, my research is being/has been applied to various applications including

  • Data efficient learning for social and human behavior models at multiple top tech companies;
  • Radio frequency fingerprinting for a safer network authentication;
  • Better recommendation algorithms for digital advertisement.

I obtained my M.S. and B.S. degrees in computer science from the University of Washington. During that time, I have been fortunate to be advised by Kevin Jamieson, Lalit Jain, Tanner Schmidt, Dieter Fox and Zachary Tatlock.

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  • [July 19, 2022] My internship project (among two other projects) received an internal shoutout from Mark Zuckerburg at Meta.
  • [May 19, 2022] Our paper “GALAXY: Graph-based Active Learning at the Extreme” has been accepted to ICML 2022. Check out the paper on arXiv.
  • [April 3, 2021] I will be joining the University of Wisconsin, Madison as a Computer Science Ph.D. student! My Google search engine is very confused about the word “UW” now.

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